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I have been dealing with hip discomfort and intense leg pain, deep aching, tingling and mild numbness off and on for years. But the past year has been the worse. A neurologist just recently diagnosed me with RLS and I am trying Requip; I'm on day 4 of taking it. I take a combination of Vicodin ES and oxycontin for the pain, with only a reduction (not elimination) of in my level of pain.

I've had back surgery, a fusion 4 years ago with a variety of other problems that make my back a complicated mess. I believe my RLS sypmtoms are caused from long term nerve damage. I probably have scar tissue from my surgery along with spinal stenosis and arthristis.

My only hope is to find something that makes my symptoms and pain less severe. I have 5 small children and am only 37 years old.

RLS can be caused from different things from what I read but I think my problems mainly stem from nerve damage.