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Thanks Jon:

Your story about your brother is a sad one and I feel for you. Regarding the need for physical restraint with him, I totally understand. I get so angry at my sis when she tries to wear me down (like she did this weekend) but find that it is getting much easier to say no these days. When I was at her apartment a few months ago and she was in pain she asked me to go the pharmacy for her and fill a Vicodin script she got at the ER. Needless to say, I went to the pharmacy for her and they refused to fill it because there was a flag on her file. I did not give her any of mine at the time and just said that I don't carry them with me.

The car idea is a great one! My sister doesn't visit me very often, but I'll have to try that one next time, especially since she doesn't drive! I hid my meds in my closet in a pair of boots this weekend and it worked okay. I just kept my daily dose in my pocket. When I was away for a weekend this summer she wanted to come over with her boyfriend and use my pool but I said no. It's infuriating that I cannot trust her.

It's taken a lot of years (and a lot of therapy!) for me to set the necessary boundaries with my twin, but at times I still feel weak and that's why I posted this topic here a few days ago. I guess I should post that long story on the addictions board!

Thank you so much for your advice and it helps to know I'm not alone, but sad to hear that others are going through this as well. It's not right that others would have us suffer so that they can high on our meds. It's hard enough to get the right meds to manage our pain and the docs I see never give me more than the minimum amount, if that, to handle it.

Now that I just went off opiates (and let's hope that lasts!) this should be less of a problem. For close to a year after my back surgery I was doing fine and not taking much meds at all, but sadly that has changed for me. I am hopeful that I will be off all meds some day, but maybe that's just a dream. In the meantime, I'll be taking all of the great advice I found here and wish you all a pain-free (okay, a low-pain) day.

Gotta get to work and see if I can sit for 8 hours on my new meds without feeling squirrels running up and down my legs. Wish me luck!