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Hey Zach, Obviously that combo of meds isn't right for you, It's just a matter of how long are you going to put up with it.

However it may be hard to convince a doc that meth gave you absolutely no relief but it makes you sleep all the time. If you were not getting relief, you wouldn't be sleeping. There is nothng wrong with reporting an intolerable side effect for what it is. Your describing someone who's over medicated or on a really bad combo, You wouldn't be zoned or sleeping if you were writhing in pain, ya know?

As far as expecting to feel something other than lack of pain or some relief, you heading down a very slippery slope. I don't think your tolerance is what you think it is or 40 mgs wouldn't be squat, It was a huge leap from Vicodin or Ultram and Few PM docs would totally disregard the standard who's latter in anlegesia. Meth is a third tier drug for when all else fails. The misunderstanding about it's potency is why methadone deaths are on the rise. Docs assume it can't be abused and abusers assume they aren't being effected by effects like respiritory supression because they don't feel wasted or high.

Kinda makes you wonder how many times you stop breathing during 14 hours of sleep. Maybe I'm just jealous of the ability to escape by sleeping. I do think you need to think long term and if you think your tolerance is high now, where will it be in 10 years? If the meds impair you more than your injuries, and sleeping that much is impaired, it's hard to find the benefit in the treatment plan.

There has to be a better way and you need to be careful. Imediate relief doesn't last long and not feeling a med kick in doesn't mean it's not working. I don't feel the pump at all, It's continous. I would be climbing the walls without it and certainly feel it if it ran out. I don't even feel the change in the setting, but I do feel BT meds and I don't drive, I only take them if I need them but using them only for BT has alowed me to use the same dose for 4 years.

I have days where it doesn't touch the pain and days that I'm able to distract myself from the pain. Doing this is distracting, working is distracting. Sitting at home , miserable with nothing to do, makes it hard not to just want to escape. You may think you have tried everything, but trust me, there are dozens of non opiate methods, psychology, PT, non traditional methods that if they offfer the slightest chance to help, you should be saiying sign me up.

What would spending an hour a day at a pool do that could possibly harm you, other than disrupt the nap schedule? :D If it could, might or absolutely would help you, you have to do that. Nobody is going to bring a pool to your house and ask if you want to spend some time doing water earobics. You have to make yourself do whatever it takes to prevent loosing any more strength,mucscle mass, particluarly core muslces if your going to live with a wrecked back. Find something you can do that you will see the benefit from and actually feel the benfit from knowing your doing something to improve your situation. Anything other than sleeping and waiting for someone to come fix you with the right dose or right med.

Good luck, Dave