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I know what you are going through. I had the same experience about 3 months ago. My family practice doctor, who I had been with for 5 years, retired. He treats my chronic back pain and provided me with the only meds that worked, Vicodin and Dalidud. I was really worried when I first saw my new doctor. BUT, he was very pleasant and understanding. He had no problem prescribing my meds and even talked to me about starting me on long acting pain meds like the patch in order to better control my pain as well as keeping me on one of my current meds for break through. He said if it is working, it works. He said the thing that docs worry about most is new patients who come in with a new complaint requesting opioid medication. You have a documented history. I think everything will turn out fine. I know it is hard (impossible) not to worry. I have to do it again because I am moving from Vermont to Charleston, SC. I will have to find another doc but I feel a little more comfortable now.
Try to relax so you don't bring on a migraine :). The new doc may even know something to try that you have not tried yet but I doubt that he would have you do something or take something that you have already done and found out that it did not work. Remember, there are a lot of docs out there and if you do come across one that is not helpful, try another. It is not like you afe doctor shopping because you were with one doc for so long and he is no longer availble. You are simply trying to find a new doc that you feel comfortable with.