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I moved to Florida from California. I had no problem filling scripts for Vicodin or Ativan while in LA. In Florida, they are neurotic about their meds. First off, my neuro gave me a script for percocet w/ a refill. I was told that they don't do refills as it's against the law here. I asked if I could call them and they could call my doctor's office to confirm when I'm ready to refill. They said "no", they need a physical prescription and don't do it via the phone. Florida totally has a bug up its *** re: meds because when I tried to refill a script for lorazapam, I had to go through all kinds of crap because my new doctor wrote the dosage wrong on the script (I was on 3/day in LA, he put 1/day by mistake on script). In LA, it was so easy, pick up the phone, call, then pick up. No hassles. Here in chronic pain, I have to drive to my doctor's to pick up the script, then drop it off at the pharmacists to refill because it has oxycodone in it and that's a "narcotic".
Yeah, it is crappy and terribly inconvient!! I've never heard of a state that allowed Schedule 2 narcotic refills! Now, Schedule 3 (like Vicodin or Lortab) is a different story. But Percocet, Morphine, Oxycontin, etc...have different rules. I've lived in several states, and it's always been that way. I guess Cali is just more lax! :) I wish everyone would take a lesson from LA and make it much easier on CP patients!