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It's really in our best interest when a doc requires a signed contract. As slipperyslope wrote, it's in our as well as the docs best interest. The feds probably know which docs use these contracts and they are probably less prone to investigation than others.

It's very difficult for docs to spot fakes. Doctors want to trust patients when they complain about pain. Even the top docs in the pain management business have written that it's always best to take the word of the patient when asking what level of pain a person is having. Yes, there are obvious fakes out there, and most docs know at least some of the frequent signs. For instance, one example is a patient who comes in, maybe first visit, and complains of severe pain. The doc asks the usual questions and all the patient can say is "all that's ever worked for me is vicodin." The doc asks about tylenol and gets "oh I can't take that as it's bad for my liver." What about anti inflammitories" "Oh, they hurt my stomach." Celebrex? Nope, can't take that either. Well, let's get you some physical therapy. "My schedule really doesn't allow for that, and I really don't have time for tests either." These are the easy ones to spot. But in most cases, a patient gets trusted and treated until such time as they begin to exhibit drug seeking behavior.

I, for one, want my doc to be in practice forever. I don't want him to come to any trouble with the feds. If that means I have to sign a contract, then so be it. I know it's a hassle to call the doc at all hours if a dentist prescribes something for a tooth extraction, or if an ER visit is needed for extra pain. But I'm happy to comply if it makes my doc more secure.