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I just took my first dose of MS Cotin 15mg for chronic tailbone pain. Does it take a while for this to kick in? I was prescribed 1 pill every 8 hours as needed for pain. She said I could take Vicodin for breakthrough pain. If I had taken Vicodin it would have already kicked in. You are all experts so I thought I would ask you what I should be looking for. Right now I am in a lot of pain. I started this on the weekend because I am still working waiting to see if my Disability will go through - I work for the Government so it could be months. Thanks

I also take MS Contin (msc). A 15mg dose of msc would seem somewhat like 3 regular strength Vicodin tabs. It usually takes about at least an hour for me to notice the effects of msc. However, you should soon begin feel some relief within about 2 hours. For sure by 1-2 hrs after the second dose. Did your doc give you anything for breakthrough (BT) pain? If so, using that would be helpful while starting with the msc.

If by the end of day two you're still in such pain, be sure to call the doc. Your dose may need to be raised - also ask for a BT med if you haven't been Rx'd one (something like Vicodin).

Best of luck!