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First, think hard if there was anything from even months ago that could have popped up, I had a referral to a terrible doctor, his office was dirty, he spoke english with such a strong accent, I was having to ask him to repeat himself over and over, and he was getting mad at me.

He gave me a script for something, vicodin I think, but the next day I came to my senses and called the insurance and said I could not see this guy, he was too weird. They referred me to the doc I wound up being with for 12 years, but the creepy doc billed my insurance for an extensive physical, pfft, all he did was point at a scar on my arm I got when I was 9 years old and say things I couldnt understand. He never even took my blood pressure.

Well, Insurance wouldnt pay him all he wanted, so he found out where my new good doctor was and started calling demanding in broken english they give him a referral as a specialist so he could re bill! They were furious at me, thought I was doctor shopping, it took some fast talking while crying and begging for me not to be kicked out of the office, and I had never even heard of good doctor yet the day I saw bad doctor! Grrr.

So think if there is anything weird like that, or dental, that could have made him mad, otherwise, assume he has a lot of patients, he forgot he okayed you to have more percs than oxys, and you need to see him to remind him, go to the office and tell them you will sit and wait until he has a spare 10 minutes to speak to you. I have done this, its not pleasant, but sometimes it is the only way to get what you were promised.

Good luck and please let us know what happens!
Hang in there, Sammy!