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I have chronic tailbone pain and put in my paperwork for a Disability Retirement at work. However I work for the federal government so it will probably take a few months. In the meantime I work 4-10 hr days. I can't change that as I need to ride in the vanpool because of the meds I take. I just had a change in my meds because I wasn't getting relief. The doctor told me to up my MS Cotin 15mg to 30 every 8 - 10 hours and also put me on Cymbalta 30 mg once a day for two weeks and then up it to 60 mg and take Vicodin for break through pain. I am trying this on the weekend to see how it works. Today at 3 am I took 30 mg of MS Cotin and went back to bed (I can't do this on week days or if I do not for long). Then at 8 a.m. I took the Cymbalta within an hour I was sitting down half asleep. I made myself get up and did a few things. By 10 a.m. my tailbone was killing me so I took one Vicodin and at 11:10 a.m. I took another 30mg of MS Cotin and then at 1:15 pain bad again so I took one Vicodin. By 2 p.m. I was sleeping in my chair. Then at about 3 p.m. my husband called my name (he didn't know I was sleeping) and I MADE myself get up. I know that when I started taking Amitrytolene it made me very tired at first to. Will this sleepiness go away? I do not know how I will function at work. There is a room at work to lay down in so I guess I could take sick leave and lay down if I have to. Anyone been on these and have any suggestions. Thanks for reading my message.