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Hello, All.
I'm new. I' not new to CP though....I have not ventured out to find support until tonight on this board. I usually am not able to sit at the pc for long. I was rear-ended in my car 18mo's ago. I have not really recovered. I have had severe pain since. I have tried physical therapy; stretching; massage; meds and more. I am still in disbelief, since before all this I was an active and happy person; just earning my college degree at age 43. I have six kids. I am a single mom and so this has been very difficult on our family. I have also been stigmatized by my own family as they are inconvenienced by this whole thing and avoid me--I'm not sure why? I've learned to accept that not everyone will care.
I am able to work two hours per day because my neck was so severely injured by whiplash it goes into spasms and hurts so bad. I also have neuropathy and all over body pain(diagnosed now as myofascial-Fibromyalgia). I take Vicodin 10; Lexapro/Nortriptyline; Keppra(also got seizures from the accident).
My dr wants me to go on Oxycontin but I'm not sure yet...although the Vicodin is so up&down all the time(working only at times).

What is so hard is I feel my life is over. I do not know how to deal with all these emotions and stigma that come from this new life.

I hope I have shared enough here. I appreciate any comments; advice; feedback and support.
God bless you,
"God's Grace"