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LMP...Oh girl, RUN from this mean, uncaring doctor and find another surgeon who will treat you properly!! :mad: This just really makes me angry. Is there ANY reason why you have to stay with this guy?? Insurance, etc? I think, even if he's the only one in your area who takes your insurance, I'd drive to another town to be cared for adequately (if that's why you're staying with him). This is completely and utterly unacceptable!! YOU are paying HIM...HE works for YOU!!!! If you're not happy with his treatment, then FIRE HIM, and I guarantee there's somebody out there who will make you feel respected and treat your pain correctly.

This is ridiculous!! I mean, you just had surgery for your appendix...you had a massive infection...you have endo and adhesions AND fibroids!! Come on, it's time to give them their walking papers!! Honestly, think about it...let's say you talk to him directly and he (begrudgingly) agrees to write for more pain meds...or let's say you talk to the PA and she writes the script, if she's under another doctor, and your doc isn't calling the shots...then at best, you have 20 pain pills. The problem will still be there. And if he's still reluctant, and that's a HUGE sign that he'll undermedicate you after surgery! RUN!! You don't have to take this.

After one of my laparascopies for adhesions, my surgeon (GYN) prescribed 20...yes, twenty...Vicodin 5mg. That's it. Even after a bowel injury that he caused during surgery that kept me in the hospital overnight. I was miserable. I think he may have refilled one time, but that was it. I look back now and see that I didn't have to take that from him. Don't make the same mistake I did. You don't want to be left in pain after surgery!!! Go find another doctor asap...that's just my humble opinion. ;) This is just unacceptable, when there are so many other options out there...like other gyn docs, pain management docs, or even a primary doc. Prayin' for you!!!! It's gonna work out...just take your control back. :mad: