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These are both very different from my experience as well. I had Tonsilectomy, endoscopic sinus, and septoplasty at the same time. I had a fair amount of bleeding in the first post-op hours, but went home within 3 hours of waking up. My ENT's instructions were to inhale saline solution into the sinuses every few hours to flush out the blood and other nasties to prevent them from crusting up and blocking drainage etc. I did this religiously and after a few days, what came out was basically clear. No packing was used at all. Free to breathe and drain out.

7 days after surgery, I went back to him and he removed the stents used to keep the newly created sinus drainage open during healing. I asked him how things looked during surgery and he said I "had polyps up the ying-yang" and he removed them all. He did give me a black left eye during the surgery because he said the bone was thin there from chronic inflammation/sinusitis etc. That was almost 5 years ago and have not had another problem at all. My breathing is 200% improved. Should have done it years earlier.

Overall, the pain was nowhere near as bad as some have made it out to be. But it seems the difference is which and how much pain meds the doc is willing to give. If you have a conservative one who is worried about the DEA, then you are in for a rough time. Request some liquid oxyfast or oxycontin every 12 hours for the first week and it should take the edge off pretty quick. Vicodin is a joke for this procedure.
Hello all.........I typed out a huge message for this board and I lost it UGH Anyhow I have completely and totally enjoyed reading your messages in regards to Septoplasty and sinus surgery.

I will start like this : On 2-15-08 I had my septum repaired, and my sinuses reemed out. I am on day 9 right now, and not to scare anyone, but at this point I feel like getting it done was the worst thing I have ever done EVER. Prior to surgery, for about the past 7 years I have been dealing with sinus infections and everything that comes along with them IE stuffyness and headaches, but most were easily cured after buying pseudofed and some afrin. Either way, I had a bad headache a couple of weeks ago. My mother works at a docs office where they have an ENT that practices there. So, one day I stopped by and he checked out my nose and within 5 minutes he had me scheduled for a CT. He seen immediately that my septum was deviated to the point to where my left nostril had only a 5% opening. After he seen that, he told me he was going to fix that and depending on my CT he may do my sinuses during the process.....2 days later I took him the disc of my CT and again within 5 minutes, his nurse was on the phone with the hospital already scheduling the surgery. Hell, it all went so fast......Anyhow last Friday was the big day....I was soooo nervous because I fear being put under but I wasnt going with a local so I took being put under. Well, before you know it, im lying naked with a crappy blue gown on in this hospital bed with like 20 nurses asking me 50 questions. Well, they started an IV which wasnt too bad but then I had to lay and wait for 30 minutes before they took me to the OR. Ok, im there now in this semi big but seemingly modest room and im just staring at the ceiling. They move me from one bed to another and put these warm blankets on me because it was freezing in there.

Ok, so maybe 10 minutes later, the male anastesiologist asks me " well, you ready to visit cloud 9" and before I could even answer, I was encountering the best 30 seconds of my life! lol And then, the next thing I know, im waking up post op in recovery, and I begin to panic! They had my nose covered and I was convinced I couldnt breathe....I kept trying to rip it off my face but the funny nurse kept grabbin my wrist. Either way, I was awake and alert and I had very mild pain which was cured by some pill they give me. Surprisingly enough, I felt fine that day.....In fact I had my mother take me and my kids to go rent some movies and stuff. On day 2, I was able to take off the bandages that I must have changed 85 times the previous day. I still couldnt breathe though because he put stints in and these things he called "small gel packs" which I guess were for a double use.....1st use was to absord drainage and the 2nd use was to keep my passages open so that they would heal and stay open. But still, aside from being mildly achy, the pain was at maybe a 1 out of 10 so no big deal.......the 3rd day was about the same pain wise but for you all that have had this done, I dont want to leave out the horrible nights and the major dry mouth that ensued.

Ok, brace yourselfs.....this is where it starts to turn dark and rapidly start progressing on a downward spiral of sleepless nights and levels of pain that at times seriously made me think over 100 different ways I could end it all. I know I used a little bit of humor, but trust me...at this point its because I am 30 minutes into borrowed darvocets.

Ok, since about mid day on the 4th day, I have had this excruciating headache!!! And it will not go away. I called the doc and he told me to take more pills, and come in on day 5 and he would remove the stints and my headache would go away and that I could even breathe through my nose. YAY, I was soooo excited but hes definately not a psychic and thats for sure! Yeah, he took them out pretty easy....and for like a brief minute I could feel cold air going up my nose, but no longer than I could breath, that went away and low and behold, here creeps up the pain a few notches ( headache wise ). He told me that I would be 100% in 3 days MAX........I also want to say that after reading some of your messages, I am concerned here because my doc didnt mention anything about a saline rinse or even coming back in for a debriding ( which you guys taught me about ). He then only gave me a prescription for 10 of these super horrible Vicodins.....He only gave me 10 because he asured me that they pain would be very mild and only last a few days if that. WRONG AGAIN!!!!

Ok, now its day 5........Oh yeah, not to give you my whole life story, but I forgot to mention that General Motors called me for a job! Which I started that Wednesday morning at 6am for orientation....I didnt sleep the night before and I sat through that thing with a splitting headache. Well, since GM doesnt care, I had to start work on the line the next night. I was shocked and terrified because I thought they werent going to start line work for a week.......So, after the orientation, I called my doc panicking because there was NO way I could work 10 hr shifts in this condition so he told me to come the next morning and he would take a look and remove only a few of the gel packs from where I said the pain was the most. Guys and Gals....Listen up......HIm taking those few things out hurt sooooo bad! In fact, I would rather take 10 kicks to the jewels as opposed to doing that again....I promise you all that.

Well, after it was all said and done, and after me literally almost fainting, I had a glimmer of hope.....there was no more pressure on my left cheek just to the side of my nose, and I could again feel cold air going up my nose. I was ecstatic because I was going to be able to go to my $22 an hour job and actually enjoy doing it......la la la, im all walkin around happy when about an hour later SCREEEECH! BAM!! My headache was back and in FULL FORCE.........Not only that but im soooo nasaly that I sound like Willy Nelson if you can understand that comparison. Well since I went to the doc early and I didnt have to be in to work until 5pm, I got the chance to sit around and fight with myself about whether or not I could make it to work. Ok, due to the fact that I am a single father of 2 girls, and this $22 an hour would help in sooooo many ways, I had to go because me being new, I have NO sick days, and they would simply tell me not to bother coming back.......Um.....rock and a hard place......So needless to say, I went and worked everyday including yesterday but I promise, I had to give it my all to not walk out......I in fact had to hide the fact that I had tears in my eyes numerous times. I know, a grown man crying......I am not usually a wuss so to speak, but these headaches break me down in ways I could have never imagined! They arent going away, and I am only maybe getting 4 hours of sleep a night. Even though I take 2 Ambien at night, I will get rudely awaken by this headache. The doc told me I could now blow my nose....um...sounds kinda not fun but I gave it a try.....nothing....nothing.....nothing.....then UGH out of the left side of my nose came a huge clot....not to be gross but you all can relate......It still didnt help......But the messed up thing is that now the stuff that comes out is SUPER thick and goopy kinda like glue.......They arent blood clots because although some are dark red, the others are light red..........My theory is that the gel packs that he put in have done their job, but now they are goopy and refuse to completely come out.

I know I have gotten fairly dramatic on you guys here, but thats the best way for me to get my point across. The pain is CRAZY and I have NEVER felt anything like it in my life. And dont let me leave out the fact that I am convinced I have a hobbit living inside of my mouth and for whatever reason he is mad at me and it feels like he is beating the top of my mouth with a sledgehammer......Im not crazy lol You guys know what I mean....basically the top of my mouth and ALL of my teeth hurt. The biggest problem I am having here aside from the pain is the fact that I am truly struggling here because I am scared. I cant afford to lose this job, but the pain is horrible......we are working 50 hours this week and its soooooo damn noisy in that place! And to top alllll of this off, I just found out that my doc and his wife will be in Jamaica all this week! Dude, I almost just broke down again lol Im not trying to be funny, I just dont know what to do......He pushes me away when I ask questions.....Ive taken all of my antibiotics, the pain pills arent helping ( aside from this loopy feeling ), ive tried hot showers.....cold packs.....hot packs....heating pad.....tylenol....motrin.....Afrin......a hopped up prescription version of pseudofed, laying down, sitting up, Ambien and so forth.........Either my head will explode or my liver will deteorate.................I just dont have any answers and no one to relate to with this.......Anyone been through this? What helps? Please, I am past desperate. Thank you