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I have had 3 major back surgeries and my surgeon and now pain management dr. have put me on every type of narcotic know to man. But today when i went to see my pm dr. he told me that the methadone that i have been taking for the past 3 yrs was not going to be continuing. He said that only certain patients would be able to be prescribed it and pm drs are no longer able to prescribe it. It sounded as if only heroin addicts were going to be able to get it. Anyway, i was on ms contin 60 mg 3 times a day prior to taking methadone and he put me back on it today. Will i get the same pain relief i did with my methadone??? I also take percocets 10/650 3 times a day as needed.... Just wondering if anyone had gone thru this.... I have tried all of these medications in the past... vicodin, percocets, duragesic patches, ms contin ER & IR,& oxycontin and none seemed to work as well as the methadone. Any comment would be helpful. Thanks so much.