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Thank you so much for all the support and advice... It's going on hour 44 of this... I just can't believe how cold I am....
I've done some callling around... the soonest a doctor can see me is Monday. By then I will into hour 125 or something... one of you said it was about 96 hours until the worst is over...The military did this to me. You go to sick call and they had you horse pills of motrin and vicodin and then send you straight back... well 8 years of that and vicodin doesn't even work. My husband is 6'4" about 225 pounds, and the medicine that I was taking knocks him out on his butt. So, after doing the fetanyl patches and methadone, they came up with morphine tablets. I've been going through ibuprofen like crazy, I can't sleep, I just start rocking or bouncing with my legs... i don't know... i hate to sound like a baby, I've always pushed through pain, etc... i don't know about this. this is hurting.