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TGIF People!

I've been browsing some of the topics on this boaed. I've recieved some good advice here about switching from Norco to a Long Acting pain medication like Oxycontin, and I look forward to giving it a try.

Now I'm wondering about general categories of narcotic pain medications, and which ones are used for chronic pain. I have chronic severe pain that ranges from level 5-8 on the average. It's pelvic floor pain from urethral cysts and obterator muscle dysfunction/spasm. I used to think that vicodin and tylenol 3's were a big deal, and that a typical dose meant the patent would end up sleeping & unable to function for the durration of the effect. However, a couple of years ago my GP put me on vicodin (1 - 2 every 4 - 6 hrs), and told me that I should be able to drive, go to school/work etc. while taking it. I was very uncomfortable with the idea of driving while taking narcotics, and I rarely do, but still I think it's dangerous for people to drive under the influence - in general. Just recently My new Pain Dr told me that it is illegal in my County for people to drive while taking narcotic pain medication, so I was right to be concerned about my GP's instructions...

I've read several posts here where members seem to be quite experienced with pain management. I'm glad to see that the efforts toward healing and relief seem to be working. So, I'm thinking that many of the regulars here are trying to live productive lives while being on these medications. I'm reading about methadone and other medicines that, quite frankly, scare me. I'm wondering if eventually this will be an option for me. I do know that methadone is used for heroine withdrawl, and this seems like extreeme measures toward pain relief.

Please understand that I am very inexperienced in these matters, and in my ignorance I am wondering if even Demerol (sp?) and Morphene are being used at home on a regular basis ~ and if so, can people live productive lives while taking these on a routine basis? Or are these stronger opioids used in bed ridden cases only?

I'm wondering If I am making a big deal of something that is considered "normal" in the field of pain management, or if patients and Dr's who work with these medications are making light of a big deal...

Thanks for your thoughts! ~Sheri~
[QUOTE=Jenn4508;3432401] I have been on my meds for along time and have probably built up immunity to them but once again, if I were pulled over and an officer looked at my eyes, he may think something else. Why take that chance.

I know alot of people that do it and I am sure alot of people will respond and say that they are fine driving.

I see my pain doc every 28 days at 7:30 in the morning and the first thing they ask is have you taken your meds this morning.

I am just giving my two cents worth.

Have a great day.... Jenn

I feel the same way Jen. Part of my daily routine is to use visene - hoping that will make my eyes look brighter. I know that I'm just taking my meds as prescribed, yet I wonder what a police officer or the PTA might think if they really took a good look... I think about carying my pain medicine with me when I have to drive, as proof that it's prescribed-just in case. I'm really not that concerned about what other people think though, and I do follow through helping my kid with homework, and other daily household stuff. I must say though - my standards of perfection in house cleaning have changed a-lot! LOL After all, I'm on Dr's orders to do no exercise or heavy lifting. I really should check into getting some in-home help to keep up with things.

I know that a lot of people say & think that they're fine while driving on pain meds (myself included). But then again, I need to question my own judgement because I'm under the influence... It's a catch 22!

I usually have a neighbor friend drive me to my Dr's appointments. As long as I can set it up in advance, it usually works out. Still there's times when I need to make a judgement call about weather to drive myself or not. It feels like a relatively safe gamble most of the time... And I assume, in general, that people don't even suspect that I take 6 - 8 Norco a day. That's the equivellant to 12 - 16 vicodin a day. A couple of years ago I would have thought this to be preposterous! ~Sigh~ :cool:

Thanks for your reply Jen, You have a great day too! :-D