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Hey Sharonn,

I'm lucky to not be able to relate to you. My mornings have always been OK. It's about the middle of the morning when my pain starts coming on hard. But, the first reply is right - long acting meds are the way to go if you are going to need them for a while. But the best way to probably have a chance to get them is to see a pain mgt doc. I was under the care of my orthopedist for 2.5 years and all I got from him during that time was vicodin & percocet. Toward the end, they started not working. When I told him this, he said, "Well, there's not anything else we can do." Then he referred me to a pain mgt doc, and the first thing he said was "we need to get you on a long-acting pain medicine." So, if you've been taking short-acting for some time, you may want to see a pain mgt doc & see about getting on long-acting. It would definitely help your mornings :)