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I'm sorry you are having so much pain. (Boy, we say that a lot around here, huh?)

Like Slippery said, your body does grow tolerant to medications when you've been on them for long periods of time. I would consider being on the same dose of Kadian for 3 years a long enough period of time for your body to become tolerant. I could be wrong, but three years is a long time.

I'm not "up" on all the medications as far as what's stronger than what. (Except for things like vicodin, percocet, morphine, etc.) So, I have to ask, has your doctor ever mentioned the Fentanyl patch? There are many people who use it and get great results.

There are so many different treatment options, I don't understand why your doctor isn't open to looking into something else. Some doctors actually do "switch" up treatment plans every so often to try and keep your body from developing a tolerance.

Like Slippery said, I would just continue to let your doctor know that you aren't getting the relief you used to and ask if there are any other options she/he is willing to consider or look in to.

I wish you the best and hope you are able to work something out with your doctor. Please do let us know.