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Anne, honestly to tell you i don't know maybe a different Neurologist at the University in MI. I just know they can't figure out what is causing me nerve pain inmy leg and foot, getting to the point that i'm wondering who i see is really even a licenced Dr. And my big silly but took a Neurotin yesterday and then took my Vicodin and i couldn't even function ugh. So i am not taking that again. Things seem to work for me so fast and i'm not sure if i should even take the Vicodin with the Neurotin, the Dr. never said,but i mentally wasn't feeling any pain! My mom just said last night that i shouldn't be this bad at my age without an explanation and i need my life back! So here i wait again and everything else starts to pop up like now i have to have a hernia operation. It's like it never ends!