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I am going nuts.... I had posted prior on an different thread and I was complaining about my doctors lack of sympathy for anything that I am dealing with.
I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and a bulging L4-L5 disc. I am only 32 years old. I hurt every single day. The first doctor I was seeing years ago when my osteoporosis was found at 30 years old never did anything for it. She told me to take calcium and Vitamin D. Little did I know that it would get worse and it did.....
I am sitting here 8 months after firing her for neglecting to treat me for anything, they found my bulging disc last year but she said it was ok, that it would not cause me pain, although it was. The whole time I would complain to her about my pain she said that I was not having real pain, I was having pain associated with my childhood, (I was molested as a young child from 8 yrs old to 17 yrs old) so apparently my nightmares, flashbacks and PTSD was making me think I was hurting.
She said the same thing when my right side ached a year ago, turns out I had a diseased gallbladder that had to come out. SO much for phantom pains.....:mad:
I started at a new clinic and the lady was great she ran another bone density and a MRI was done. The results came back and she told me that she understood why I was hurting. She set me up on a pain plan with her office, I had never before signed anything like this but I was more than willing because of my chronic pain. She was giving me 6 Loratabs a day.... which was more than sufficient.
I went in one day to get my meds refilled and she was not in, so I saw the doc who was in charge and he thought that my meds were a bit high and he changed my meds. He put me on Fiurocet, I don't know what the hell they were thinking, I don't remember Thanksgiving because of that medication.
It had a barbiturate, codeine, caffeine, and acetaminophen.
I called the wends. before and told them these meds were awful, they were not helping and the guy doc, not my lady doc, told me to go to the er over the holiday weekend. I had to go, I told the doc remember my pain plan and he stated the ER did not care about my pain plan.......BUT MY DOCTOR DID!!!!!

Long story short...ok maybe not.... she called me and discharged me because she got the reports from the ER.... I called and left her a message on the office line letting her know everything, but she obviously never got it... she would not call me back... that was it.... I was done because this other doc in office told me it was ok.... he was the office manager too.....:confused::confused::confused:

For two months I have not had a primary care doctor, I have been mistreated, treated like crap, given medications on my drug allergy list, I had to have another surgery on my chronic kidney problems....
So, I finally get in with a new guy, I go in and tell him everything, he is gonna get my records and he needs to know it all.
He places me on predisone, because I fell down and hurt my weak boned back, and he and I talked about Vicodin, I told him the 5/500 do not work, so we discussed the 7.5/325mg and I was happy with that, more pain medication less Tylenol.....
I get to the pharmacy and he called me in the 7.5/750mg.... I was just happy to get some medication for relief. Friday morning the Vicodin was not agreeing with me and I called and ask for something different even offering to bring in the rest of this bottle of meds....and he just didn't care, he told me to cut the 7.5 in half.... so what no pain relief???
I didn't take them...... I called Monday, and Tuesday.... no return call from their office.... my boyfriend finally got sick of seeing me in pain and took me to the ER.... my back was all black and blue and swollen.....
They gave me 15 Percocets and sent me home to see my doc the next day... I got in Wends. and the new doc tells me. You don't warrant long term pain medication... oh yeah.... I was wicked pissed.... I asked him to run another MRI because I do have sciatic pain and I needed to be rechecked anyway.... or just refer me out to someone who was going to give a care.

He sent me off with another script for Prednisone and told me to take Advil for the pain..... oh gee... why didn't I think of that....:nono:
Oh that's right cause I take so much i bruise like a freak... and it doesn't work.

I went back yesterday to talk to the head doctor in the clinic... he thinks I have an ulcer on top of everything else.... cause I am burbing sulfur smelling egg stinking burps... and I have a pain in my stomach.... ok....so more pain to pile on top of me....he sent me off with a medicine for my ulcer and told me to take Tylenol for pain....when I complained about my pain in my back he just said......OK....... that was it...he was reading the other doctors notes...

Can't someone tell when another person is in real pain.????
SO here I sit, I finished my last percocet yesterday morning, I had the shakes so bad last night, I hurt and I was balled in the fetal position crying in pain all night long.
I had to take 1 1/2 tabs of Valium and a muscle relaxer just to calm me down, I passed out at around 430 this morning and got up again at 700 am cause I hurt so bad...

I don't know what to do anymore...it seems like I am fighting a losing battle here.... and I want to be a nurse?????
I get up and go to school everyday... I have to take care of my children through my pain..... and try not to show my almost 12 year old how much I hurt because he cries when he sees me hurting like this......
Thanks for reading this biographical drama of mine... same stuff every day.... I am tired of this town, and people not caring enough to treat their patients with respect and common courtesy they deserve....
I love the chat board and my boyfriend love the time off he gets from me bitching all the time.
You are all so awesome!!!

Thanks--- Love and prayers to you all!!
Princess...I am sorry that you are frustrated and in bad pain. One thing I have a question with.... You stated that the previous doctor had prescribed you lortab which helped with the pain....then you lost this doctor. Now your NEW doctor has just prescribed you vicodin and you say it does not agree with you? I do not understand, since vicodin and lortab are exactly the same medication..ie hydrocodone and tylenol. The only differences can be the varying strengths of the hydrocodone and tylenol found in the particular script. Maybe you did not have the ulcer disease before when the lortabs seemed to work. I too suffere from ulcer disease and chronic pain. I used to be on hydrocodone 7.5mg but had to take two zantac 75mgs twice a day to keep the stomach pains at bay. My new pain management doctor did not want me to take hydrocodone for a chronic pain issue, so he put me on oxycontin...which contains the same narcotic ingredient that is in percocet (oxycodone)...without the tylenol. This has worked much better for me.

As far as having pain doctor discharge you because you went to the ER ( and I presume they gave you something for the pain??). Remember that most pain management contracts require the patient to get all pain meds from just ONE doctor and fill them at just ONE pharmacy. I know this can make things tough when you have a pain flare-up at holiday times (like you did at Thanksgiving)..but it really is a necessary restriction given all the drug-seeking behavior that is out there.

I suggest that you search for a new pain management doctor who will focus on long acting medications to control your pain. You really didn't indicate whether this latest doctor you have is a GP or a Pain Specialist.

One last thing..and please do not take this as any sort of criticism. I know you are frustrated (and rightly so!). Please make sure that you
always project a positive attitude with your pain doc. This can go a Loooooong way towards getting you the sort of treatment you desire. Someone who comes into the physician's office and starts bullying around, being overbearing and confrontational is not going to get very far. I even think a doctor could perceive this sort of behavior as a potential addict desperate for a "fix". I am certainly NOT trying to say that any of this applies to your situation.

I wish you the best. Please write back and let us know how you make out.