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Brian, gosh I had a tooth that nothing was being detected in xrays, well it kept hurting till it was raging, there was a crack below the gum line that was not showing on xrays, needless to say ended up with a whopper of an infection. Jaw, ear, neck, throat entire side of head ended up hurting. The vicodin & motrin had me throwing up, what pain & what a mess, I have lost three teeth due to grinding & clenching because of the pain I have at night, so wear the mouth gaurd when you get it. My teeth just crack or break off, I had such nice teeth, they are chipped like crazy. Now for nauea ginger root, papayea, & as steve said cola syrup. That nausea feeling is horrable. Hopefully you find something that will give you some relief. Lots of good suggestions & some of them surprising. Sammy