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I have DDD in my lower back, 2 herniated discs as well as arthritis in my hip and knee. I take vicodin 7.5 mg twice a day and dilaudid 4 mg 4 times a day. I use to only take 2 dilaudid a day but my doc increased the frequency right before I moved from Vermont to S.C

I found a new doc last month and he re-filled by scripts while waiting to get my records. He is a family prac and seems really nice and caring.

I had spoken about long acting meds because my last doc mentions it but I did not start them since I was moving. the new doc said that there are pros and cons so I am not sure if I should just keep taking what I am. WHen I use to only take a total of 4 pills aday, my pain was not controlled and the relief would only last 3-4 hours. Now that I take one every 4 hours, I have better control.
WOuld long acting be better. I am scared of them. Will they make me feel funny. I have heard that some people get really talkative on them or have head fog.
I feel kind of bad taking so many pills daily.

What is MS Contrin ER? This was mentioned before. Does it really help to control pain.

THanks and have a pain free and blessed day.