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I had my first appt with the PM doctor today. I was refered to them by my IM doc, anyway, I was so afraid that he would not understand my pain. Boy was I wrong. I was treated great. I have bone pain and have been on vicodin and now oxycontin for the pain. He wants me to stay on the oxy and has added Lyrica. I had been so depressed because of just not feeling well and he totaly understood, told me most cronic pain people are depressed and validated my feelings and my disease. He said that lyrica might also help my downer mood. I guess, I just wanted all of you to know that I know how you feel, needing to take these awful pain meds just to feel normal. I know how it feels to be afraid that their will be those that don't understand. Just know that some of us out here on the pain boards DO CARE!
ps, I will let you all know how the lyrica works.