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That is pretty amazing that he would behave like that to one of his very compliant patients who was being prescribed Methadone. Now if it were Vicodin or Oxycontin and you said you were taking too much and asked him to give you a sript for your mistake, I could see the reaction. However, we are talking about Methadone here. I am sure maybe someone takes Methadone to get "high" but nobody that I have ever heard of. I would follow Steve's advice and go in and explain how the Methadone was really affecting your mental competency. I have definitely been there before. When I was at the Cleveland Clinic and being taken off of all my meds and put on others, I could only remember the name of 1 person that I worked with. I felt like I was literally losing my mind. I could not even remember the name of my manager at work. It was a good thing that I checked off a sheet of what I was taking and what time I took them. Because, there were many times where I would take a pill, and then 10 minutes later try to remember if I had taken my last dose. You want to talk about being affected mentally. I was really surprised that I remember how to drive home and where I lived.:confused: I know you may not have been as bad as me but I know exactly where you are coming from. Your doctor has probably never experienced this type of forgetfullness, can't remember thing. Shame on him for his reaction but I am sure he does deal with alot of seakers and active using addicts trying to "fake it" and get meds. But he should know better with you. Of course I always try to remember that the doctor could be having an extremely bad day, maybe he got in an argument with his wife that morning. And then one thing after another kept happening to him and you just happened to be there when he finally vented. I am sure he will not drop you. I would definitely get a checklist together and write down all of your meds, how often you are supposed to take them, and what time you took them. This will definitely help when at the end of the day you look and see I took this many today so I'm good.