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Emmie54- Thanks a bunch for this info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have about a week to get back to the doc to decide whether to have the surgery or get the bilateral brace for a month because she wants to prevent further damage. My cast was removed in the 13th so I could have the MRI done and the doc is nervous about my feet not having any protection. I also went and got a second opinion yesterday and that doc validated everything that my doc told me without me mentioning what she said. I'm very comfortable with my doc but I sought advice to help me with my decision and that doc said that for my age and activity level the 3 part surgery would be the best option. Both docs mentioned that the brace just provides stability for the tendon rather than fixing the problem that caused it and I will always run the risk of damaging it again because of my feet. I was told that one's heel should be 21 degrees above the ground whereas mine is 0-5 and that I have pathology in the tendon area-whatever that means, lol!!! Did you have both feet done or just one? They both mentioned that I severe flatfoot deformity in both feet and that the left foot will eventually need surgery as well. One of my mom's co-workers had this surgery about 20 years ago and she told me that it was the worst surgery she ever had and she's had quite a few. She also mentioned that the meds did nothing to alleviate her pain and that she too was told the other foot would have to be done. She opted not to do the other foot because she couldn't imagine having to go through the procedure again. She also mentioned that not much has changed in terms of her having pain and discomfort prior to surgery but she also mentioned that she did not wear her orthotics. So I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it but to this day she said she can't stand for too long or walk far. I know each patient is different according to their body and how it reacts to trauma. Again, just nervous and scared. Did you have a popliteal block? I've been researching and checking boards like mad and a couple of folks have mentioned that this was a lifesaver for managing postop pain along with the meds. I also heard that Vicodin is not strong enough and that Percocets may be more effective. I'm not really fond of or knowledgeable when it comes to presribed medications-I'm a health nut and take tylenol or midol for cramps only and a once a year sinus infection, the side effects freak me out but I'm willing to do whatever the doc tells me to do to ensure top notch recovery.

Socrissi18-Thank you very much as well for your feedback!!!!!!! Does the topaz procedure treat only the tendonitis? In addition to the severe flatfleet, I also have plantar fasciitis that seems chronic. Even after physical therapy, resting and icing it's still here since last August and I haven't been in the gym for almost 5 mos now. Also, I had customized orthotics a year before I started experiencing foot problems and it's now going on 2 years and I'm worse off than I was before I had them. I need a procedure that will address the deformity that caused the tendon insufficiency in addition to the insufficiency itself. I will discuss this option with my doc to see if it's considerable for my condition. I just want to do whatever it is that will allow me or at least increase my chance to be able to live my life again because the sedentary lifestyle is not for me-lol. I get sad when I see people jogging and I don't even like running, I just like the benefits of it and unfortunately, I have to do it for my job. It's just the mere fact that it's not even an option for anymore that bugs me, I can't even walk or stand too long, I'm too young for this. I need to get back to mt squats, elliptical, bike and jogging sprints eventually. I know this recovery is a lengthy one especially because I'll have to get the other foot done once the right foot is stable but I rather have something done that seems like forever to recover to correct the problem that will increase my likelyhood of getting back to training than not having anything done, repeating procedures that didn't work to begin with, continue to experience debillating pain/discomfort just doing day to day normal activities and running the risk of doing further damage and picking up arthritis along the way. Either way I look at it, I can be screwed both ways, the surgery could prove to be unsuccessful or I'm just doomed for life but I'm trying to be optimistic and give the surgery a chance because at this point I really don't have much to lose since my feet seems to be deteriorating-lol.

Sorry for my spiel and rambling but I just found out like 2 days ago that surgery is the way to go and I'm not experience with having someone cutting into my body and putting foreign objects in it to hold things together and be expected to heal no less than 3 mos-lol! It'a a lot to take in, not to mention that I am a certified drama queen, please forgive me-lol.:D