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Hey Kass:Well, to start, I began my journey w/ CP about 8 years ago.* My myofascial issues were a result of severe bruising I sustained to my lower back that never got treated properly.* (not at all, really)* Thats a common way for CMP to start.* Anyway, after seeing a ton of docs in my hometown for about a year, a friend of mine told me she knew of a Doc about 1 hour from here who worked with a lot of pain patients.* So I called, got an appointment and have seen him ever since.* He is an MD, whose specialty is Physical Medecine and Rehabilitation.* His title or sub-specialty name is a Physiatrist. (pronounced Fizzy.at.rist.* He has been a Godsend. He knows everything about chronic pain and a lot of lesser known diagnoses.
I started off taking just instant release meds and muscle relaxers.* Vicodin and Soma.* By about 9 months seeing him he suggested putting me on something long-acting (Oxy-contin) with my vicodin for breakthrough.* I started at 20 mg Oxy 2x/day, w/4-6 5mg vicodin for BT and kept the Soma. Over time my Vico was upped to 7.5 (due to tolerance) and just 3 months ago, because I was still having too much BT pain he upped me to 3 oxy.* It has made all the difference.* Of course I'm not pain free, thats not going to happen, but I maintain about 4-6 on the pain scale most of the time, and I can live with that pretty well.I hope this is helpful.* Any other questions, I would be more than happy to answer.* God Bless, cmpgirl:)
I take MS Contin twice daily and Vicodin as needed. I too have struggled with the constipation issue. I began taking Miralax when it was still a prescription medication. Before the Miralax, I would have a hard, dense stool at least once a day. Then I would sit in pain for quite some time afterward. With the Miralax I still experience this but it is reduced to maybe 3-4 times per week. Not perfect but an improvement.