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[QUOTE=RBall Player;3472715]I suffered a Lisfranc injury last July, ended up having surgery in Aug where two screws were used to hold everything in place while it healed up. The screws were supposed to be permanant, unless they caused problems. One did when it decided to back out by itself. While I could still walk and get around, I was in constant pain until I was able to get it removed. I had the other screw taken out at the same time - I didn't want to have to go through the whole process again.

The flexibility and mobility of the foot was much better once all the hardware was removed. Did you have any hardware - and do you still have it? What has your Dr. said about your situation?

GOD BLESS YOU! I have been reading these boards in tears because it seems that a Lisfranc injury = losing the ability to ever walk again the way you use to if at all and always in pain!

I injured my left foot on 5/19/08 in front of my son's elementary school. My 5 year old is Autistic and at times he refuses to go to school and this was one of those days. He planted himself on the sidewalk and I went to lift him. He was facing me and I thought I had him held well under his armpits but he began to struggle and both of us fell over onto the concrete. We landed with the upper half of my body on top his face (he hit his head but is fine) and his lower body on my foot. At first I was fine worried about his head. Then I felt a little pain and lifted him off my foot still seated on the ground. I went to stand and felt sharp horrible pain.....a lisfranc is born in a few seconds.

I went to the ER and they did an xray and said "no broken bones" but told me they suspect a "worse" injury and needed a specialist. They placed it in a hard split and Ace bandage and since I was in tears from the pain and spasms they gave me a vicodin prescription.

Saw a specialist 4 days later (paid cash) while waiting for my HMO referral to go through. I was relieved to hear "no surgery needed" but that I had some weird "Lisfranc" injury. 6 weeks in a boot and I would be ok...WONDERFUL I thought 6 WHOLE weeks???I am the mother of 3 kids!!! one is an infant! Oh do I wish that was true. This Dr took no xrays just used the one from the ER.

I later read that with this injury the initial diagnosis can be wrong because the swelling has to go down to see the real injury. My foot was swollen HUGE and black and blue bruises like someone had beat my foot.

2 weeks later the foot still didn't seem better but the pain had gone away. The HMO went through to see another Ortho Surg and I went to see what he had to say. He took new xrays but this time I had to bare weight on the foot (OUCH!) He came in and said "You will need to have surgery on this foot you have a lisfranc dislocation and need screws and pins put in.

I became faint and didn't hear anything after that...WHAT?!!! Then I did hear "so after 6weeks we take the pins out and you wear a cast FOR 3 MONTHS!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! "And the screws? How long do those stay in?I asked. "At least a year thats IF you want them out"

So here I am my surgery is on Wednesday 6/18/08 and I am TERRFIED! I am gonna wake up with screws and pins in my foot? CAN YOU FEEL THEM IN THERE? This sounds like a horror movie!

And after all this I MAY NOT walk well after 3 months?? Jeez...

I am 31 years young with 3 kids and I need to walk like I use to. I am no athlete so thats ok if I don't run marathons but I need to keep up with my kids.

I am glad to hear some good accounts of healing and regardless of my outcome will be back to update. Thanks for listening!