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Lyrica has been discussed a lot on this board, so do a search and you can read all that was posted....and more.

I found Lyrica to be a godsend. It does hype me up a bit so I'm happy to have some energy. My exhaustion was devastating before the Lyrica. It has really "cranked down" the pain level. It's, unfortunately, always there but not as bad and I'm an actual functioning person now. I've been taking it since December and have no sides effects...all positive.

I went through back surgery (fusion) three years ago and suffered with a bad back for several years before that. I was on every pain pill out there. I was prescribed eight vicodin es a day and took more than that to make it. Naturally, I didn't suffer any fibro symptoms with all the pain medication. After my surgery and after my back healed (my back feels great--it's the only thing that doesn't hurt!), the neuro just prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication and stopped the vicodin...just like that. So, I went home, not even thinking about WD happening and had a terrible, awful week suffering through it. I will NOT take anything narcotic again. I've read and researched Lyrica and one thing you cannot do is just stop taking it. You have to be weaned off. I also take Ultram, 300 mg. a day along with the Lyrica, 300 mg. Ultram is a synthetic narcotic...it's on the edge there. But, I found both to be so effective and know that I'd never, ever stop either one cold turkey.

Just continue to be honest with your doctors and open about your past. You can find something to help you but an open, honest dialog with your doctor is the best thing you can do for yourself. Good luck with everything! Kate

PS--I've never found massage of any kind that helps. It just brought on the worse flares I've ever had!