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Hi. I am sorry you are having pain too. I understand how frustrating it is.

To let you know what road I went down, I had a small bowel follow through that showed an issue in the ileum/cecum area. I also had a colonoscopy & had inflammation in my colon. Yes, you can have Crohn's & not have it in your colon, but just in your small bowel.

Getting my dx only happened after seeing a gastroenterologist. You need to get a referral to one right away. She looked at my colonoscopy info & also looked at my symptoms & told me right away that I for sure had IBD. There was no question for her.

Did you lose weight? Have you had blood in your stool?

When getting this an IBD dx, you will have these tests that will show SOMETHING:
• Metabolic panel (dehydration & low potassium is what I have had. I was not anemic though, but sometimes it shows that...)
• SED rate (mine was still normal)
• CBC (I had a high WBC, which the GI said is normal with IBD.)
• Small bowel follow through (showed a problem in the cecum/ileum area)
• Colonoscopy (Showed ulcers & inflammation in my colon. Nothing specific for ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease. The problem is I went to surgeon for the colonoscopy instead of a GI & he didn't even look at my cecum or ileum & didn't do a biopsy in that area, so I have to have ANOTHER colonoscopy at the end of this month!!)
• Hemoccult test (Mine was positive. Then I started noticing the blood in my stool, I haven't had it lately though.)

As of late, I have had a bulge in my belly every once in a while, where I am sure my stool is getting caught in the inflammation. I am currently on prednisone, azulfidine & liquid vicodin (The norco pills I was taking weren't digesting, they were coming out hole. I was having problems digesting lots of foods.). I have had dizzy spells & migraines (this is new, never had migraines before).

My current pain (I STILL have abd. pain, too.) is in my hips/pelvis/low back area. No one helps me with this. It is the worst. I don't know if it's due to the IBD or not, and my doctors aren't giving me any info or sending me on for any more tests. It's frustrating. I don't know what else to do.

So, even though I have a dx, my dilema isn't over.... I don't know where to go or what to do about my new pain & no one seems to care. So I guess I am just stuck masking it with pain meds....

I hope all is better for you soon. Let me know if you had any of these tests & what results you had....