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Hi. I just joined this board tonight so I'm not a wealth of information like most of the others on here but I am going through a similar situation with my husband. Not nearly as tragic as your cousins life, but still difficult to deal with. My husband was injured at work about 2 years ago and had to have his wrist reconstructed and also has back problems. The doctors were prescribing him vicodin and percocet like it was candy and after about 8 months decided it was time to wean him off. By that time it was too late. When the doctor cut his dose he just started getting it off the street. A couple of months ago my husband was put on probation over something he did in attempt to get more pills. One day the probation officer called to find out why my husband had missed two appointments. I was not aware that he was not going. I told the probation officer about my husbands problem, of which he had no idea because the charges were not drug related. It was for home improvement fraud. I explained to the probation officer that the reason he did the home improvement fraud was to get money to buy more pills. The probation officer told me he would do whatever he could to get my husband into a treatment program. But my husband would have to come to an appointment to avoid going to jail. The probation officer gave him one more chance to show up and of course he told me he would go, but the pills got in the way and he didnt go. Eventually, the probation officer came to the house and arrested him. He is now in jail waiting for a bed to open up at the Gateway Foundation (and in patient rehab center in our area). Although it is extremely painful to have him in jail, he actually told me he is glad this happened and he can't wait to get help and get his life back.

Im sorry if this is so lengthy, but I just wanted to let you know your cousin's probation officer may not know exactly what is going on in her life. If you call her probation officer and explain what she is actually going through, they may have resources available that can get her the help she needs. Good luck!