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volunteer --Listen and listen good. You have come to the right place. Almost ALL of us on here that had a Vicodin problem started JUST LIKE YOU. Look at my first post. Be scared. It could be 5 years from now and you could still be dealing with this crappy disease. STOP IT NOW. You have little to NO withdrawal symptoms, that is great. Trust me. Try coming off 120mgs of Vicodin to ZERO (cold turkey) then you will see withdrawals. I remember someone telling me that almost 500 posts ago and I said to MYSELF " I can handle this" or " I will only take a few each day" . As Guns and Roses says " I used to a little but the little wouldnt do it, so the little got more and more" SO true. Opiates are a Nasty Little Biatch. Stay and and DONT LOOK BACK.

Please dont let me say I TOLD YOU SO, 5 months from now.