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Hey --sounds like he has a serious problem. I would bet that he has progressed from vicodin (from a previous injury) to Oxy, then when that got to expensive and hard to get, he did the DEADLY switch to the cheaper, more available Heroin. Do you still love him? This will not work if you do not love him AND he needs to WANT to get better. If those aspects are not there, then you need to leave him for a bit so he can make a decision, get better or lose you. You gave him his chance when you found out in JAN. That should have been enough. Each time I relapsed I was so ashamed and scared that my wife would leave me and take the kids. Ultimately, this is what go me clean. I have 27 days today and never lookikng back. He needs help and you can not provide that. This is a LIFELONG battle and you need to be ready for that.