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A friend of mine is seriously addicted to vicodin/ hydrocodone. He lost almost 65 lbs. taking a combination of vicodin and muscle relaxants. He has been hospitalized numerous times due to auto accidents he had while driving DUI, was finally arrested for DUI, and was in jail for two months. He was straight when he came out, but here it is less than 3 months later and he's using again. I took him to a detox program the first time around and he got kicked out for non-compliance. He went to a couple of NA meetings the first time around but then was arrested for the DUI so he didn't continue with that. Now that he is using again he says he's got it under control and doesn't need to go to NA or need help. He is obtaining the pills illegally so there is no doctor involved.

I had laid down an ultimatum previously that if he started using again our personal relationship was over - in addition, we work together and to make matters even worse, he rents an apartment from my mother.

I've told him that there were message boards like this out there but he is resistant to the idea of participating. I'm thinking that he likes doing the drugs and isn't motivated to quit despite what he says.

Any suggestions or is someone like this hopeless as far as me trying to help? I hate to give up on someone I know to be a good person but am I fighting a losing battle to the addiction?