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my dad, 84, recently fell and twisted his knee badly. a few days later he was in extreme pain and went to hospital. it was diagnosed as gigantic hematoma from his knee up his thigh. he was there 5 days and is now at a rehab but still in pain and still very swollen. black and blue coloration is appearing now in other places , rightside above his waist and into his groin area.
no pain in those places. he can't do any physical therapy at the moment.
still taking vicodin. not eating much. nothing they can do.
it hurts me so to see him like this. i go everyday and try to make him eat.
any suggestions???? how long will this take????
i did read something that says months???? He is now off coumadin but cardiologist says he is stroke risk. do we put him back on?????
what a dilemma.
thank you for your responses.
the reason my dad was on coumadin is because of congestive heart failure.
we do actually have an appt. with the cardiologist to discuss the options.
my dad is still in pain and is out of the hospital and at the rehab now. they can't get him out of bed because the pain is really bad if he sits in the wheel chair . the swelling does seem to be going down and i haven't checked his groin area lately but the bruising I saw above his waist is disappearing so i am assuming the groin is getting better also. the doctor at the rehab did his 5 min. check and just said yep you are swollen. my dad has alot of mucus draining also and keeps coughing so they give him robitussin and he tries to cough it up. they say its from just laying in bed.
he is still taking vicodin although not as much. he doesn't eat much but is drinking alot. can't go to bathroom so he isn't happy about diapers.
i go to see him every day. nothing really to do. but i am concerned if he is at risk for a stroke so we should deal with that soon.
his blood tests will be taken in a few days and his protine will be checked.
any other comments????;)