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Thank You for the advice.

I will refuse any surgical intervention,I have 3rd stage Adhesive Arachnoiditis,a painful,incurable nerve disease in the lumbar.The nerves have glued themselves together in the spinal canal.

This has been caused by 2 lumbar surgeries in 1998 and 1999.I was having extreme back pain and the legs have been in chronic spasms and pain,so my neurologist decided to step out of the box and have lumbar mri's done.

My neurosurgeon,I seen him for a second opinion,not doubting my neurologist,but for my peice of mind.

All my meds have been prescribed by my neurologist,except for 1 and thats buspar,helps with the mild anxirty.My neurologist has prescribed the rest.

Some of the meds are for the arachnoiditis and others are for multiple sclerosis symptoms.

My biggest fear is having a PM DR. mess all the meds up and I don't need another MS attack.

I don't let my pain consume me, I beleive in being as active as this body will let me.I honestly try to ignore the pain,the best I can.

I've never been big on pain meds,I have tried to advoid them if possible,but I can't ignore it anymore.

My previous meds have been vicodin,then switched to oxycodone and when that wasn't effective they put me on methadone,couldn't take that,so my neurologist put me on dilaudid.

The spasmatic meds I have been on for 3 years and for the most part they have been effective without much of an increase.

I really appreciate your response

Yes this would involve a surgery and this my concern.I personally feel that the spinal cord stimulator should be a last resort.

I have never relied on pain meds until december when all heck broke broke loose.I'd take vicodin only when needed.

My neurologist then prescribed the oxycodone,which was effective in the beginning,but was taking to many,so he jumped it to the methadone,so there was no peaks and valleys,but I had a terrible reaction to it,it put me in the hospital.The neurologist has now put me on the dilaudid three times a day,with oxycodone for the break through if needed.At this time it seems to be effective.

MY GP was not keen on the spinal cord stimulator,factor being I have been on solu-medrol infusions for MS attacks and infection at this point would be to great.After the steroids you have to wait at least 3-6 months for any dental work,surgeries and so forth.

Thank You for all your advice,pain meds and clinics are all new to me and how it all works.

I've heard from many they can be effective and for others they have had horror stories about them.So at this point I'm confused about all of it.

My biggest fear is having a PM DR. change what has been working,especially my meds that control the muscle spasms.But that is something I will have to discuss with the PM DR next week.

I don't want a PM DR. to stop my meds and start over.I can handle the pain,but not the spacticity.

My neurologist stated I had a very complicated case and its figuring out what is Multiple Sclerosis related and what is Adhesive Arachnoiditis related.

Sorry to spill all this out to you.

Thank You for your kind words.

The dilaudid is finally starting to work,I pray that a PM won't reverse meds back down to vicodin or something that won't work.

Or push for spinal injections or the spinal cord stimulator.

I see the PM in 1 week.So far I have blocked it out of my mind,been busy cleaning up after a house fire in Feb.So thats been my priority.

My neurologist has everything under control so I can work with my contactor and so forth.