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thanks so much for your advice yes my MRI report states herniated disc at the c5c6 but drs say it is not clear enough to determine how severe it is now they want me to do physical therapy which I am willing to try anything but will it help or make it worse and Thank You I am going to insist on another MRI from the comp nurse they are not the ones living with this constant pain not to mention the addiction to the vicodin which I am sure I have by now I told them time and again I need antiinflammatory drugs but Doctors seem to care less and I also thin the fact it is comp makes it even worse. 5 months now nothing has been done and want to send me back to work in this pain. They check my strength after a night of rest which is pretty good but I want them to check after I have folded a load of clothes then it is different. Also I did not mention to my relfexes in my legs are at a 4 very hyper sensative and said that indicates inpingement in my spinal cord but they are like ehhhhhhh who cares and no advice on how to correct it. Thank Yoou so much for your input it has helped and do you think I should insist on the MRI before I start the therapy? Can it do more damage? I know I am not myself and something is going on and I am tears a lot because I feel so helpless. Thanks again