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Helen you are too funny! I have not been well lately i just meant the constipation wasn't bad right now one lucky thing i guess! I wasn't taking any antibiotics at that time But i have been taking Vicodin for pain for years now, but i have pinpointed it down to way back when the constipation all started my thyroid level was very low i ended up in the ER for low potassium and was checked for my thyroid level and it needed adjusted, i don't know if this could have anything to do with it? Other than that nothing else. Wouldn't Colitis have been detected throught he upper and lower tests i had done? I even looked up piles and it doesn't seem to fit grr. I have went to the bathroom so much today and it's ithier a tiny bit or the whatever mucus blood slimmy looking crap lol. One thing i can say is another thing i thought of was around the time this all started also i had taken a stimulant laxative before being referred to a GI and OMG i thought i was going to die i cramped really bad and felt like i couldn't breathe and at one time i had an explosive like bowel and then wham but these are the only two things i can make light of maybe taking the laxative screwed it all up i never touch any since coloscopy now! How about your self? How are things looking for you?
Love, Monkey
Let me see. Remove the thyroid, make a body hypo. Toss in some vicodin, shake it all up and voila! Instant constipation. I imagine they threw in some calcium too at some point?

I'm having a little trouble getting the timing of this down. You lived it. I didn't. See if I've got this straight. The constipation started, then you got the scopes and the gi series and then the gross stuff started coming? Or did the gross stuff start before the scopes and such? I know another gal who's been thru something similar to what you describe. They finally prescribed prednisone about a month ago and things have gotten a lot better. She's tapering off it now. They still don't know the why but the bowel problems didn't start until after they started testing her for bowel problems. They originally did the scopes for upper abdominal pain.

Things are looking pretty good for me. I finally got my diagnosis! My new gp is absolutely marvelous. I know longer have an IT! I've actually got a name. Turns out I do have PRTH afterall. Well shuckers. I'd only been telling the docs that I thought I had that for nigh on 15 years or so now. Started taking cytomel about 2 mos ago and it really helps me feel human. The thyroid prob did manage to do some damage over the years though so now I'm also dealing with renal tubular acidosis, osteoporosis and diabetes. I'm just a tiny bit perturbed at my former docs who refused to listen to me and let the rest of this stuff happen but I guess that's all water under the bridge now.

I did decide to go back to school. I start next month. I'm going to get my degree as a medical assistant. Figure I might as well turn this whole experience into something productive.
huckleberry, thanks for the info, see i don't have constipation now thats the problem ever since the test and taking the laxatives i very rarely get constipation, it's just ithier firm or really loose or on any given day or time of the day i have just blood and mucus. It really doesn't make sense like day before yesterday all i had was half a hotdog and somepasta salad and i went all day, now yesterday i ate a couple of eggs some toast then a hotdog then barbacue chicken, baked beans, now today i have not gone at all, and not feeling constipated. Today i haven't ate anything yet but will and have treated myself to a coffee! I will keep track! And yes your right mucus can be because of IBS but for the blood part it's a mystery as i started having the bleeding after the colonoscopy like within a month or so and they said they would have picked that up so it shouldn't be. But not impossible in short time i know. I did lose weight while eating the same amout also in the later of it, but when all of it started i lost it because i felt sick everyday and then that went away and i started eating but still losing. I have taken Vicodin for about three years regularly but not abusively and this all started about six months ago or so. I tried the activia in the begginging, no results. I am wondering if i just need to try the fibercon again and see if i give it more time to work i will be more firm instead of bulky? But then i am worried about that causing constipation. I don't know, it so weird! I agree with you about the the thyroid thing i have though alot about it as far as when everything happened but now that they say it is a good dose i don't know because it's only been about three months since checked. I have yet another appt. with the GI next week and i will see what else he has to mummble. Like i posted somewhere else if it's IBS then give me some relief. All the tests and blood work says my liver is fine, although i do get discomfort in that area once in a while but dr.s says nothing. I mean what can they do if the tests don't tell them anything right! I just feel like my body is missing something and stress doesn't help i know but thats almost impossible to get around! Sorry for the books just trying to make sense of all this!
Love, Monkey