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I just joined today trying to find out if anyone else is addicted to Tramadol. I got addicted to Vicodin last year and started taking Tram to ween of the Vic. I take about 6 50mg a day and have a doctor who is willing to put me on a Suboxone program to help me W/D. However, at least one person on the board says that is a TERRIBLE idea because Sub for a 6 Tram a day habit it like using a skillet to swat a gnat!! I have tried tapering of the Tram and it gets ugly. I am a mom, wife, working and actually attend AA regularly. I have not had a drink or any other kind of drug (except the Vic & Tram) in years. This is a real mess I have gotten myself into. Anyone else have ideas about Suboxone or a better way to detox off Tramadol??

Thanks for your thoughts and the best of luck to anyone reading this post!!