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:dizzy:When I think about it, I cry. So I try not to. I've done everything I've been asked to do by my spine doctor, spent thousands (with insurance and co-pays) and I'm no better today than I was when I started. He told me he could fix me. He is wrong, to date.

To remind all of you: First hurt my back in 99. The real pain started about 4 years ago. I live with constant pain. I can't lift anything. I can't pull my socks or pants on easily. I don't sleep unless heavily medicated. I can't do the things I love like work in my yard or paint and remodel my home. I can't do chores like sweeping, mopping or vacumming. My sex life is starting to suffer now as I'm just so freaking tired from living in pain I don't feel pretty or happy.

I lived with it for years and finally got to a doctor last Fall. Since then I've been put on Vicodin, Zanaflex and Celebrex. I also have the lidocaine patches. If I mix them just right I can feel good enough to go about living...but I pay the price for doing it by the end of the day.

I've had MRI's, spinal injections, Physical Therepy and a Nerve Conduction Study. I recently got a second opinion. He said he would take me on BUT, he would tell my old doctor, and I'd be cut off from medications as the new doctor does not believe in pain management. He said my old doctor was doing all the right things , but could maybe be a bit more agressive.

The second opinion doctor told me he would recommend some other kind of spinal injection in two different discs to determine which one is the problem. He said he would then do a discogram whatever that is. He said he would send a letter to my current doctor recommending this.

When I saw my pain management doctor, he said nothing about the second opinion guy and basically threw his hands up (though he was very nice and friendly...giving me the lidocaine patches). He didn't say anything about the agressive approach the other doc said he would recommend.

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Go with the new doc and lose my pain manager....get his injections and the discogram....and possibly get no where but living in unmedicated pain....OR...stay with my old doctor and resign myself to living on pills and in pain the rest of my life.

Today I'm just sick of it....all I did was laundry and vaccuming and I'm in so much pain I have to rest...pop an extra pill....its Spring in Alaska today and I want to go out and start preparing for my flower beds and raking the lawn...but I know I'll be miserable if I do.....

Thanks for letting me vent. Maybe some of you more experienced folks can offer me some guidence or tell me what you think about the new doctors idea...if you think it could solve my problem....and I won't NEED the meds anymore...otherwise...I'm stuck here...I don't know what to do