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[QUOTE=mother58;3539394]turn over. I actually have to grab onto the covers or sheets to pull myself to be able to turn over. The only other time I have back pain is if I lay on my stomach, sometimes I can't roll over to get up. The pain is very intense. I am able to function normally during the day. I don't think it is the mattress because we travel frequently to our vacation home and farm and the same thing happens there.

OMG! Do we need to chat!!! You just described me. I've had MRI's, Nerve conduction studies, Physical Therapy, DRX-9000, Tens unit....nothing worked. Now its just Vicodin, Zanaflex, Celebrex and Lidocaine. Do you think it fixes me? Nope....just makes it bearable.

I bet you can't pick things up either??

I have to go to work, but lets chat later :)