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I took my last 3 and a half 10 mg vicodins this morning and that is it for me.I have been on them for the last 7 months.When is the W/D going to set in?Is there anything over the counter that will help and what stuff helps the best.I have no insurance .When is the worst going to hit?
No your not being nosey.....yeah it is a little long but I was also on vicodin and coke and heroin for about two years not under a year....it just took me longer to get out the situation and to move and to get a handle on my life. I think that most doctors try to get their patients off of suboxone in like a month.....It just takes different people longer...and no suboxone is not addictive....that is why it is so great it just gets you away from the opiads and on the track to recovery.