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Does anyone have any advice on a taper plan to get off about 120mg of vicodin?I have been taking about 100 to 120 mg of vicodin a day for about 7 months now.I want to get off of them but I can't do it cold turkey at this point because of work and my children.does anyone have a taper plan so that I can minimize the w/d?I would really appreciate anyone's advice.Also is there anything I can get over the counter that will help me?
Thank you so much for the advice reach.I am going to try hard to do that.I am just so sick of being sick.Enough is enough .I will read the home detox plan.I was just worried about taking anything when I am still taking the vicodin.Can I take the over the counter meds while I still am on the vicodin?

Have you thought about going to a doctor and getting suboxone to get off the vicodin? I had tried to taper many times, it was just to hard for me, although I was taking much more vicodin than you and also using soma at the same time. I had great success with the suboxone, have been clean 13 months. Good luck with getting off, you will feel so much better. Also the meetings will help it is important to have a support system while going through this. I would try to get a phone number from someone at the meeting that you could call if you have a weak moment. I hope this helps.
Thank you Izzy!How many Imodium should I take at once and when is a good time to take them?So far I havent felt any symptoms of with drawl other than a little jittery and a head ach.Iam just now getting over a sinus infection and I think that is why I have the headache.I am sure more symptoms will kick in soon.I only have a few pills left and not sure when I can get more.They cost a fortune here.Like $140.00 for 30 10 mg vicodin.That is crazy and makes me sick thinking about it.I think I have about 6 left and I really want this over with I am thinking about going cold turkey after they are gone.I may wuss out later but I want to get this over with.
As for the NA meetings well I drive about 25 minutes out of my small town to another small town for meetings.There is no way on earth I would go to the meeting in my town for the exact same reasons you listed.I live in a small town where everyone knows or at least think they know everyones business really sucks.I really don't mind the ride but the gas prices can kill ya here.I have to go to them though because that is all I have for support.This board and you kind people have been wonderful also And I thank you for taking time out of your life to help me.
As for the benadryl I do not think that will work for me.It makes me hyper.I bought some magnesium and calcium,epson salt,immodium,bananas,and some stuff called SAM-E.IT is for your mood and also for joint pain.I am going to go today and get some decaf coffee because I hear that caffeine can cause more anxiety and god knows I don't need that .I can just imagine what a headache that is going to cause.I need a good sleeping pill because Valerian root and melatonin do not work for me.This fricken addiction has costed me a fortune!
I know I am all over the place with my feelings.I need to take a deep breath and slow things down alittle.I just want to be over this.I did ok yesterday by cutting out 2 pills and I am going to stay on that route for another 2 days and then try to cut 1 more out so that will be 3 less a day.It is better than taking 3 or 4 more like I would have if I continued down the evil path I was on.I am just so damn tired of trying to find the pills and then trying to get the money together to buy them and living my life around them.It makes me sick.
As for the comfort meds should I take 1 250 magnesium and 1 calcium along with the SAM-E in the morning?I also bought bananas and epson salt.
Look how I am worried about putting good things in my body but I would shove 10 to 12 vicodins down and not think twice.That is sick.One day at a time I guess.
I am sorry to hear about your struggle.I know how you feel.I do not have insurance and never got a prescription I buy them from so called friends.It is costing me a ton of money and they really don't do anything for me anymore.I am doing a taper and so far have managed to cut 2 pills out a day.I am going to try to taper as fast as I can because I can not afford the pills anymore.So far I just have a headache and am a little jittery I have bought bananas,gateraid,magneisum,immodium,and calcium pills to take.I also have this stuff I found called SAM-E it is for joint pain and also is supposed to lift your mood up some.I wish I could afford a longer taper but I just can't.I was taking between 10 to 12 10 mg vicodin a day now I am doing about 8 but going to try to cut to 7 today and see what happens.I can not get sub because I have no Insurance and I have heard it is harder to w/d off that then the vicodin.I really hope you get well soon and all goes well with you.Just know that you are not alone.If you need someone to talk to I am here.I wish you all the luck in the world and I will pray for you.