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Well, I had my 2nd Stellate Ganglion Block yesterday. I'll back up a little and say that I was so amazed after having the 1st one. I felt incredible, for the 1st time my skin was actually a normal color, I no longer had the sharp shooting pains, the constant burning alive feeling was gone, and I actually got the feeling back in my pinky and ring finger. PT was awesome, I got to work on some strengthening exercises. The only draw back was that I had a minor headache for a few days and I couldn't talk for 2. Some said that that was actually kinda nice, LOL! The feeling of normacy was very short lived, by Friday afternoon I started feeling the sharp pains again, my 2 fingers went numb, started changing colors again, and my right arm was very cold to the touch. Still I felt overall better, the burning sensation was still absent. So I had great hopes for the next injection. Boy was I wrong, the only thing that it did was give me the worst headache that would not quit. I finally had to call the Dr and ended up going back in. He said that this could happen and to try not to get discouraged, I said now why would I get discouraged, that the 1st only marked my 1 year anniversary since the initial injury and up until a few weeks ago I still had no real diagnosis. I can't blame him at all, he has helped me more than anyone else has. I will have my 3rd block on the 6th, so I am crossing my fingers that this one will help.

I did talk to him about my meds and that I thought that I needed to change them up a bit. I had not taken anything before seeing the PM Dr other than Vicodin. My Ortho refused to give me anything for the pain, treated me as if I was a pill junkie. My PM did start me off rather strong, it may have been because I do have such a very high tolerance. Anyway got him to take me off of the Fent. patch, so now I'm taking hydromorph to sleep and for when I go to PT and the Lortab+. For some reason I have always done well on the Lortabs. So we shall see.

My therapist went ahead and did a reval on me the other day and I was really surprised about how much strength and mobility I had lost in just a few weeks. Honestly, it was very depressing. Before the injury I was very fit and extremely active. I made sure that I always had time to go to the barn and ride atleast 2 sometimes 4 horses 4 days a week. My poor body doesn't know what to do now, I have never set this still for so long in my entire life. I think everything has set in now, that my life will never be the same again. Some days it is really hard for me to even look at myself in the mirror without feeling total disgust. It is very hard to stay positive but I am giving it my all. I just wish that everything w/ WC didn't have to be such a battle, I am still fighting with these people. They just do NOT want to pay me, my adjuster told me the other day(which I felt was out of order) that she has dealt with several RSD patients and they have ALL worked per their Work Status reports and that I needed to do the same. She was telling me that I was wrong for not going to work the day after the block. I e-mailed her and tried to explain that my head was killing me and furthermore, I had NO voice. I am the receptionship where I work because with my work restrictions that is all that is available for me. So I asked her what was I expected to do? I still haven't gotten a response, I had even called the Dr about it, talked(well e-mailed) with work, and my medical case worker. Never a dull moment. So that is the latest thus far!! Tomorrow is a whole new day!!