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Well, Im up to 7 now. I've had TMJ for along time but it has been really bad for the past 3 months or so. I have been to dentists, ortho's, doctors, clinics, specialists, etc...I've been on everything so far! Muscle Relaxers, pain meds, valium, you name it, and I take Prozac. Nothing helps except the Vicodin and I take valium at night to sleep due to the wise people on this post that advised me not to take Ambien anymore! I have extruciating headaches everyday by noon. I dont wake up with them, they start around 10am and are terrible by the afternoon if I dont take anything.
Just last week I had a CT on my jaw, they saw nothing major. The "specialist" thought that I have nerve damage around my jaw and head so she "lasered" my nerves to stimulate cell growth? Anyone have this done? Anyway, it made it worse and I had headaches EVERYDAY since then. I saw a clinic today for some pain meds and the nurse asked me about fibromyalgia.
I have seen that it can go along with the TMJ, but what the heck?
Where do I go? How much more money do I spend. And now I look like an addict cuz I go from doctor to doctor, in hopes that I will be helped...and then nothing!! Any ideas? Looks like I need a PM huh?
this is my running joke...How many docs does it take to fix a stinking jaw?