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[QUOTE=Juby;3553457]I showed my son the post by acaptainn and he said Suboxone didn't make him sleepy when he first started taking it. He started getting the sleepy spells after he had been taking it a month. Maybe he doesn't need as much as he is taking. It seems like the doctor would know but I wonder sometimes. He had been taking up to six Vicadin a day before he decided to get help. Because of the type of job he has, he is afraid for anyone to find out about this.
Diamondgirl19 did your doctor help you get down to 2 mgs and how did you do it?if your son was only taking 6 vicodin a day--he probably didn't even need sub. and 12mg is way too much for such a small habit!! he needs to taper off the sub ASAP before he's addicted to it and has to go through sub withdrawls!!