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For most surgeries you can't take antiinflammatory meds because it makes you bleed. Is there any reason that your surgeon told you that you can't take something else like Vicodin or some other pain medication? I would ask.
I just had my surgery last Monday and I had to stop my ibuprophen for the whole week before. I was taking 800mg three times a day. I took the extended release tylenol during the day and then Vicodin at night if I couldn't get to sleep. I wasn't as comfortable during the day as I was with the Ibuprophen but it wasnt unbearable. Ibuprophen is a pretty strong blood thinner, when they drew my blood at pre testing it took a while for me to stop bleeding. If you dont have anything stronger than tylenol I would ask your Dr to prescribe something at least for at night so you can sleep. Don't take anything you can buy over the counter except tylenol because most of them are what they call NSAIDS (Non steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs) All of these are anti coagulants and will make you bleed. (Advil, Aleve, Motrin, Aspirin, Naproxen) Vitamin E is also a anticoagulant.