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I am with Jerry on this... that is a powerful addiction you have and help is needed to withdraw and find a clean life again. And yes, it can be done, Friend. And your best bet is under a doctor's care.

Addiction is an old story and a common one for doctors to hear. While it is tremendously hard for us to muster the courage to spill our guts to a doctor, it is not hard for them to hear. They can get us the help we need and really, I have not found one doctor in my own journey who was not compassionate about my problem and more than willing to help me overcome the addiction. I worked with medical doctors, psychiatric doctors and social workers. I needed them all and I am so happy to say that I no longer abuse drugs of any kind. My life is whole again and yours can be, too.

And no, pain meds will not be held from you if ever a situation arises where they are needed. Some months after I had completely withdrawn from all narcotics, I ened up in an emergency room if bad, bad pain. First thing I did after descibing my pain was to straight out tell the emergency room doctor that I had withdrawn from pain meds because of abusing them. He didn't blink an eye. After the cause of my pain was determined, I was given 3 shots of morphine. I was sent home with a small script of Vicodin and handed it over to my Husband to dole out. After a couple, I didn't need them anymore for pain and ditched them. We keep our safety nets in place with total honesty.

No withdrawal is easy no matter what plan we work out with our doctors. However, as many, many on this board can attest to, it issomething that can be accomplished. You are a young man with so much life ahead of you. Take the bull by the horns and fight to ensure you have a good life and not one that is weighed down with narcotics. You can do this and we will be a part of your support system as you do.

best wishes