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It seems odd there isn't a board for shoulder problems, but it seems the shoulder problems all just go here, so here goes:

I had arthroscopic surgery nearly a week ago for a labral tear. Surgeon repaired the tear, didn't find any other problems, no complications. Went home a couple hours later. I had an inter-scalene block, but even with that, I had some pain when I woke up. They gave me some vicodin and sent me home with a scrip for more.

Everything I've read seems to indicate that pain persists for a couple of days. That hasn't been my experience. I've limited the vicodin quite a bit, because it does give me some troubling side effects and I need to be able to function. Even when I take it, it seems to not be working as well as it did at first. I didn't think one could develop a tolerance to it to the point of ineffectiveness so quickly, especially since I hadn't taken it 'round the clock as prescibed, but generally only in late afternoon/evening when the pain is especially bad and when I'm done with my major activities for the day.

But the pain doesn't seem to be lessening. Because he repaired the cartilage, I'm not supposed to start moving it at all for a couple of weeks. PT will start in another week. For now, movement is completely restricted. It feels very stiff and tight from not moving, but there's also a lot of grating pain and feeling of instability along with swelling and tingling. My hand still gets a bit swollen when I'm not on the vicodin. I still get a lot of pain if there's any pressure on the shoulder at all, as in leaning back against a cough cushion, or anything like that. Still wake up in a lot of pain if I don't sleep upright. I'm allowed to type, although I get a lot of pain in my bicep area when I do that.

To sum up this long-winded complaint, it still hurts, a lot, long after it seems the pain should be very tolerable.

Perhaps that quick recovery from arthroscopy is more common with debridements rather than repairs? Perhaps I hurt it somehow? I am a little concerned about that because just before the weekend, my toddler managed to climb up on my me while I was dozing, wedge herself between torso and my arm in the sling, and fling her weight against the arm. That hurt a lot and my shoulder was tingly and very painful for a while after that. I don't have a good grasp on how durable these repairs are. Could one quick jerk like that have messed up the whole repair?

Is it normal for this kind of surgery to hurt this much a week later?
snowdrift, I am abit behind here in replying. Did your surgeon say the tingling or swelling are normal? I had the decompression done 1wk before feelbad had her surgery. I was in pain, bad pain for alot longer then a week. Then again vicodin would not have touched that pain. I was told if the pain was real bad to call. Ice helped me more then anything, & if you can take motrin, try adding it. Vicodin is not an anti inflammatroy & that is probably why you are in so much pain. I would let the doctor know about the incident with your child just in case. I did not have any tears repaired but feelbad did & she was still in pain long after a week. I am assuming after any surgery to the shoulder it takes some time for that pain to go down, I can't remember but I think I was still in alot of pain a month after, which my surgeon said was normal. I was told the shoulder is one surgery that is abit more painful & has a longer healing time. Let us know how it goes. If your not doing so already ice, ice, ice. Sammy