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Keep in mind when reading my responses that I had General Anesthesia and was not numb (at all) when I awoke. When compared to the experiences of others, this is fairly atypical. The surgery center I used does orthopedic surgery only and they really emphasize pain management with patients.

Yesterday (1 day post op) was pretty rough. There were times when I do not think the pain meds (vicodin 7.5) were working at all. It was painful to put the ice on my feet, but I wanted the ice because my toes felt so hot. It was just a rough day and having two feet hurting at the same time is not fun.

I have been taking the pain meds every 4 hours. This morning I feel much better but continue to take the meds to stay ahead. Right now I know I am dealing with the bone pain, where yesterday and Monday I was dealing with both bone pain and incision pain. My 1st through 4th toes do not appear to be that swollen while my 5th toes are according to my mom. I won't get to see my feet until June 25th. So for now, just keeping them elevated with ice and hanging around. I can put some weight on the left foot (exostectomy) but it is not easy. I can not put any weight on the right (osteotomy).

Let me know if you have specific questions that I can answer. I know how hard it is to find info on tailor's bunions.
4 days PO and doing much, much better. I am down to using my leftover Vicodin 5 (instead of the 7.5's) and I can use my crutches putting weight on my left foot (exostectomy) only. The right is still NWB. Yesterday I took the pain meds far less and today I have not had anything since midnight, so about 13 hours. No, the pain is not gone, but it is not at a point where meds are needed. I still have ice on my feet and that seems to be the trick.

I don't hate the doctor like I did day 1 and 2 post op. I am dying to see my feet, but won't for another 12 days. I was tempted to get the dressings wet just so I had to get them replaced and could see my feet. But then, I really don't want anyone messing with my feet right now so I didn't do it. I am not the most patient person...