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Missy, how are you doing since surgery? We're thinking of you.

Spring, how are you doing? I've resorted to taking some vicodin this weekend just to be able to get around and stop my anal muscles from spasming. Does that happen to y'all when it feels like your anal muscles clinch/spasm? It usually happens a few times a day, but when I'm fatigued (especially the last 2 weekends after working during the week) it seems to happen a lot more often and more painfully.

Suzanne, so glad to hear that you got help with your big boy! That will help your recovery immensely. Also don't feel like your surgery is a failure b/c you had an accident--particularly if you had diarhhea. I, along with many other posters, describe the sense of urgency and gotta-go-NOW feeling especially the first few WEEKS after surgery. This week (4weeks post-op) has been the first time I've been able to wait the teeniest amount of time before going to poo. Before that, there were times I was releasing the goods before being in the "locked" position over the toilet :eek:

Clancey, thanks for letting me know you related to my story. I often find myself wondering how many women have been ignored, silenced, and marginalized b/c we don't--as a society--talk about rectal/anal health. That's where Katie Couric was so ground-breaking with her advocacy of colon cancer prevention.

Hope all is well out there!
Thanks for sharing your story with us. I, too, had a lot of trouble voicing my concerns to my doctor. In fact, I never even said out loud that I was passing gas and stool through the vagina until the colo-rectal doctor asked me point blank. I was so stunned by his question that it took me a couple of seconds to finally whisper the words, "Um, sometimes." It is true that people don't talk about these types of problems in general (unless you're a doctor), and I even have some very close friends who don't know the exact reason I have been on disability for over 9 weeks. There are some people I just know will react in a certain way that will make me feel worse, so I just tell them that "childbirth was not too kind to me". But my child is so worth it!

I did want to share with you all the fact that our problems occur very, very often in 3rd world countries. The worst part for these women is that they are banned from their villages because they smell, and their health care is not advanced enough, so they do not have access to the type of surgery we went/are going through. Oprah apparently did a whole episode on fistulas (the condition I had) because they are so common in Africa. Some of these women walk around without any distinct separation between their rectums and vaginas. It's horrendous. I thank God every night that I had access to medical care to repair the condition, and I pray for those women who have to suffer and be banned from society for having a child. It's heart-wrenching.

Thanks, Kim, for asking how I'm doing. I'm hanging in there, but still having stool leakage, which is very frustrating for me. I have been trying to do a little more, but I'm also trying to be careful because I know that internally things may take a very long time to heal. The wound seems to be closing slowly, but it is definitely still open. I am sorry you have had to take vicodin; I have not had the spasms you are referring to. I get sharp pains every once in a while that come and go, but not the spasms. Have you asked your doctor about them? I am sure it is normal; every person seems to have varying levels of pain with this surgery. It seems like you have a high tolerance for pain though, so you may want to check w/your surgeon just to be sure it's normal. Just a thought!

I'm so glad you got help with your son. It is SO important that you take the necessary time to heal correctly and not push yourself. Being a little selfish during your recovery is expected and should be understood. You have been through a lot - from childbirth, to the resulting symptoms, to the secondary surgery - you deserve to take some time to let your body heal. I agree with Kim about the diarrhea episode: don't get discouraged! I, too, have the "gotta-go" feeling before I have a BM, and if you read the other boards, it seems that almost all of the women have experienced this. Plus, you're only 2 weeks out from surgery, it's to be expected! I think I remember reading that Kelley (the original starter of this board) had an accident at the mall after her surgery. Now - 14 months post-op - she said she has no issues and that the surgery was a success. So...there is hope! Keep your chin up; I know it's hard, but you will get though this, and we are all here for you! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your success story with the implant. It gives others hope that there are alternatives to this surgery. I think we are all really brave women for having endured this condition, and we are even braver for seeking out ways to help ourselves and better our lives.

Take care everyone! Keep up the great support on this board. :wave: