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Well I am on day 4 cold turkey off of 120 mg of vicodin a day.I have flexeral(sp?)600 mg ibuprophin,b6,b12,magneisum(sp?)xanax and sam-e.I have to take the flexeral before bed so I can sleep I also drink about 3 beers with it and it does help to sleep but not normal sleep,vivid dreams and uncomfortable.I took the xanax for the first time ever one day one at night to help with sleep and it did help some but not a restful sleep.Tonight I am going to try and just take a hot bath with epson salt smoke a joint and take the ibuprophin.If i could just get the pain out of my arms and legs I could sleep normal and maybe ok.The epson bath only helps the pain while in the tub once out it hurts again.I have also made myself get up (forced)and start moving because it feels better to moce I have been on the sofa with a heating pad for a few days and need to move to help with pain.I notice today is somewhat better than yesterday thank god!I tried to taper but all I did was cheat so I knew I had to go cold turkey or keep up the evilness.For some weird reason I do not have bathroom problems which is weird cause the last time I detoxed I lived in the bathroom.weird!If i could just sleep through the night I would be way better.I do have some unisom (otc sleeping aid)wonder if I should try just that tonight to sleep,i also have tylonal pm.Whice is better for me the flexeral,ibuprophin,xanax or unisom for sleep?Please help!